Hello, welcome to one of my little outlets to the world.
You probably have a host of questions in your mind:

  • What is Revnature all about?
  • Who is Giovanni Olakunori?
  • Why did Giovanni start Revnature?

I’d answer these questions as briefly as possible. I’d start with answering the last question:

Why did Giovanni start Revnature?

I knew I was never going to be a professional athlete and have the lifestyle I wanted. I knew I was never going to develop the next Facebook or be the next Elon Musk.
I knew I should stop lying to myself by telling myself: “I can be anything” and rather should focus on what I was very good at.
I knew my age and energy would diminish so I had to be strategic about what I wanted to do in life and to execute.
Revnature is one of my execution.

About Revnature:

Revnature is dedicated to the art of developing oneself physically through the art of natural bodybuilding because this can be a good stepping-stone to facing the challenges of life.

Who’s Giovanni Olakunori?

I’ve written extensively about myself on one of my website that receives over a thousand more visitors than this.
But I’d give a summary over here.
I was born in the jungles of Africa (pun intended) and have lived in over 2 countries there where I learned to speak 3 languages.
My sense of purpose is deeply rooted in serving and sharing value to people. Thankfully, this “beautiful” thing called the internet has made it possible for me to do so. That’s why I’ve been able to build helpful web communities that collectively reach tens of thousands of visitors across the globe.

I was a Mechanical Engineering and Management at the University of Edinburgh before I interrupted my studies in 2018 because I couldn’t pay my international fees (£21, 250).
My parents were far from being rich, but they weren’t poor either. They did provide shelter, food, healthcare, and education to my siblings and me.
They were married for about 3 years prior to my birth and since they were from 2 different ethnic groups, I understand why I was given a relatively long name (Giovanni Olakunle Jr Chinecherem Olakunori.)
My parents were both educated. My mum held a Master’s degree in Industrial physics. My dad was on the path to becoming a professor of Business and Marketing before his life was cut short by diabetes (I was 13 when this happened.)
They were ardent Christians and were part of a religious group that said even having things like TV at home was “worldly.” (This would later change after the passing away of my dad).
They tried their best—my mum especially— to instil their beliefs upon their children. We weren’t necessarily allowed to have our own opinion or think for ourselves otherwise you’d get punished or scared with the danger of “hell fire.”
In summary, this led me to grow up without much belief in myself. I was massively insecure about my upbringing and didn’t feel good enough.
I couldn’t always stand up for myself and always felt other kids were somehow “better” than me. I lacked confidence in myself and couldn’t even maintain a conversation with the opposite sex.
However, I knew I had no choice but to make a shifting point. Over the years, I’ve had to drop old identities and belief systems and to take up new ones that have ultimately caused me to evolve to something better.
I’m always pushing myself out of my comfort zone and pushing to be better every day.
Looking back, it’s incredible to see the progress I’ve made. I tell people I used to be this shy guy a few years ago and they find it hard to believe.

My journey with fitness/natural bodybuilding

This thing called natural bodybuilding changed my life. It made me bold to face the challenging world.
It was my therapy in times of pain and it gave me a sense of purpose.
It thought me the importance of dedication, hard work, and working smartly.
I could go on and on.
From the moment I started doing press-ups and lifting heavy weights as a little kid up until now, I’ve never looked back.

But how and when did I get into bodybuilding/fitness?

I was often bullied as a kid by my peers who were bigger or even older than me. So from the age of about 12 I started working out because I believed it’d help make me strong enough to challenge my bullies as well as protect my siblings.
We didn’t have a TV or computer at home even though my parents could afford this but they were part of a church that believed having these is worldly. So I had nothing to watch to guide me through my exercise routine.
Mind you, my parents lived a busy professional; and religious life that working out wasn’t in the equation, so no one in my house ever worked out.
I had no one to guide me or introduce me to the habit of exercising. I had no public figure or mentors whom I could aspire to look like.
In fact, I didn’t know bodybuilding existed as a sport not until 2015 when I began seeing bodybuilding videos on Facebook and YouTube.
All I knew as a kid was that exercising would strengthen me and keep me healthy. So this was the main reason I pushed myself in every workout.
I’d copy any workout I watched in movies or see other people do. I noticed my body transformed into an improved shape as I continued with the habit, and I loved it.
Most of the exercises I did as a kid were with my bodyweight as I had no access to a gym. I didn’t even know what a standard gym looked like until I was 19.
I joined the Jujitsu club as well as the American football club when I moved to study in my first university located in the occupied part of Cyprus.
I was a defensive linebacker with the school’s team and I was usually called a “beast” or “horse” mostly because of my speed, size, and agility.
I shared a single room with a buddy, so I started struggling with consistency and I didn’t feel comfortable working out in the small space. This was why I decided to join the school gym.
It was a tough decision because I was living on less than $100 a month, and the gym membership was about $30/month.
It was there I got to see guys who were bigger, and even stronger than me. As a kid with a desire to learn, I was quick to approach these guys seeking for tips on how to achieve the best results from my workout.
It was here I first got introduced to protein powders but I never used them until 2016.

Moving to Scotland

Moving to Scotland is probably the best thing that ever happened to me.
It’s over here that I got to take my training and physique to the next level.
I got to meet great people who’re some of the best in their fields (powerlifters, bodybuilders, strongmen, etc.) Hanging out with these people thought me a lot about dieting, strength training, bodybuilding and more.
Today, it’s one of my goals to develop one of best physiques as a genuine natural bodybuilder.
I’ve heard dozens of people telling me to “play rugby,” etc. I’ve even had people begging me to join their team. But I had to be clear on what I wanted to achieve in life and I know being a professional athlete (for a mainstream sport) didn’t fit with the lifestyle and goal I wanted.
I decided to take on fitness because I knew I could do it at my own pace as well help others as well.
I don’t see myself as a guru yet, but I’ve seen dozens of people benefit from the little I know which I’ve learned from interacting with people who know better than me and through my research. I’m here to share content that’s focused on helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.
The art of helping others by sharing valuable content through this gives me joy.


I record my milestotes on the stats page.

Revnature on YouTube

I upload a video every Friday. I’ve not made a video in a while but that would change from the 17th of June 2017.